Day Two.  Still no signs of civilisation east of Perth.   This should change tomorrow by some accounts.

Looking out the window as we cross the Nullarbor Plain is quite mesmerising and strangely relaxing.  Watching fixed objects on the horizon dance around as the train moves is a strange optical illusion.

# of camels spotted: 3

Have suprisingly had more connectivity to the outside world than I would otherwise expect with Telstra NextG signals picked up at the Forrest siding and at Cook.  (Coverage in more places!)

Did my telecommunications geek thing and found the Nextgen fibre that crosses the Nullabor follwing the route of the train line.  I have enormous respect to the indviduals that cross similar paths almost a century ago to run telegraph and train lines.

Currently somewhere in South Australia (Tarcoola?) looking out of the window at the scrub.  I’ve enjoyed travelling on the Indian Pacific so far, less frantic than flying and with comfier seats.  I would recommend doing the journey.

73s, Mark

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