Arrived in the thriving metropolis of Adelaide and unloaded the car off of the Indian Pacific.   Aside from avoiding crazed Adelaide Taxi drivers, found driving in Adelaide much saner than last time being in my own car and knowing the place much better than I thought I would.

Spent the day with an Matthew Sorrell helping construct a trial piece (pulley box) of the simulator that is being installed at St Peter’s.

Have landed at R and A’s place as a place to crash.  They stayed with me in 2011 during Perth IV and were excellent houseguests.  Hopefully can return the favour.

Spent the evening at the ringing practice at St Peter’s.   Matthew showed me the progress to date on the simulator and got me to ring the tenor (Great Frederick) (it weighs more than my car!) during the start of practice.  Some rounds were rung, but struggled a bit with getting into the rythym on

Tommorow involves a lot of driving, but need to get my organisation together and start attacking my todo list (of things that need to be done before IV)

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