Today was the coldest day in 12 years in Adelaide.  With a sniffle this is not what I wanted to hear.  I’m starting to feel better, but am still feeling the cold more than normal.

Today consisted of a morning doing geeky things online, including setting up this travel blog.  I’m hoping people enjoy it as I continue to update on my adventures.   I’m liking the lack of urgent commitments (although I do have emails to respond to) and am slowly mellowing into it.

This afternoon was visiting A and C.  C I think appreciated the visitor and a break from the monotony of convalescence.   Always good to catch up with A.

Comfort food was obtained in Prospect and more pills taken for the sniffle.

Then off to ringing at St Cuthberts.  A nice tower to ring at with lots of friendly ringers in their band.

I’m feeling a bit sad to leave Adelaide tomorrow, but need to get to Melbourne for IV…



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